BÜCHNER Newsletter - April 2022

Büchner ring lights in wash down design
Robust, reliable and hygienic

Büchner ring lights with wash-down technology always work reliably even under the toughest production conditions in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, helping to ensure uninterrupted production. Their absolutely tight and resistant housing can cope with different cleaning and disinfecting agents, high temperatures and pressure. Of course, even under these conditions, they meet the high requirements for illumination in industrial image processing.

In production environments with high hygienic standards, soiling of all kinds must be easily removable and not allowed to settle. Büchner wash-down ring lights are therefore designed to facilitate wet cleaning without leaving any residues: the aluminum housing, milled from a single piece, has rounded edges, and joints and grooves have been consistently dispensed with. This helps to ensure that liquids drain away quickly and “drip” as little as possible.

Depending on the requirements, Büchner guarantees protection classes IP65 or IP67 up to the high IP69K standard. The penetration of liquids is thus prevented even when cleaning with the high-pressure and steam jet cleaners.

At the customer’s request, the housing can also be made of stainless steel and thus, in conjunction with the stainless steel device plugs, meets even the highest hygienic requirements.

Typical areas of application for wash-down lights are, for example, checking information on minimum shelf life or reading batch markings on food packaging and bottles in beverage bottling plants, as well as quality control of blister packs in the pharmaceutical industry.

The wash-down technology is available as standard with the CORONA ring lights -L and -180, whose LEDs shine inwards at an angle of 45°, as well as with the classic HELIOS-95 ring light with vertical radiation.

True to the motto “there’s no such thing as can’t be done,” Büchner naturally implements wash-down technology in any other available Büchner luminaire model at the customer’s request.

From UV radiation to infrared light
The right wavelength can be decisive

Different factors play a major role in the illumination strategy. The right light distribution, the optimum beam angle and, last but not least, the right wavelength. But even though the wavelength is one of the decisive factors in the choice of lighting, it is unfortunately too often treated stepmotherly.

It goes without saying that the color of the light plays a major role when working with color cameras, for example. However, even when color illuminated objects are captured with monochrome cameras, unexpected effects and evaluation results are often obtained. Among other things, the wavelength even has a decisive influence on the resolving power. The smallest structures become visible best when short-wave light is used, while disturbing patterns are best avoided with long-wave light.

Of course, Büchner Lichtsysteme offers the possibility to influence all these factors in a targeted way and advises the customer intensively on the choice of a customized lighting solution.

Büchner connection set for Baumer industrial cameras
Simple, fast and economical

Büchner ring lights and Baumer industrial cameras make a perfect team. Product and image quality, functionality and durability are the decisive factors. With the coordinated Büchner connection accessories, setup and connection to your machine is also child’s play.

In the future, you will no longer need to worry about the design of suitable adapters, the interconnection of components, electrical compatibility or the tuning of lighting control. By integrating the technology into space-saving complete modules, it can be mounted as a unit. Only two cables are needed for connection: one for the power supply of the camera and lighting and the Ethernet cable, ready. Plug & Play.

The lighting is parameterized directly via the camera’s integrated PWM power switch. This is particularly powerful with a maximum output current of 2.5A and is also suitable for high-power lighting.

In this way, predefined Büchner complete modules save a lot of space in the machine and valuable working time, minimize sources of error and, last but not least, spare the nerves of the employees.

Corresponding connection accessories are available for the Baumer camera series VCXG.I and LXT in combination with the Büchner ring lights RONDO-LX, HELIOS-95, HELIOS-100, HELIOS-130, CORONA-L and CORONA-180.

Büchner Light Systems GmbH
Light systems for industrial image processing

For over 20 years, we have been successfully developing professional LED lighting systems for industrial image processing. In addition to a convincing price-performance ratio, flexibility and reliability, we naturally also focus on innovations. Particularly in the field of lighting technology, development continues apace. Everything is in motion and becoming more and more sophisticated. If you want to keep up, you have to know the requirements of the times just as well as the needs of your customers. Because challenges are our greatest passion, we are not afraid to take them on and turn them into the next advancement in the world of lighting systems.

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