BÜCHNER Newsletter - August 2022

A light for all cases!
Büchner IRIDA-180 ring lighting – the universal talent for many testing tasks

Different materials, structures, shapes and fabrics react differently to different wavelengths and light from different directions. Therefore, changing the color and direction of light can often make things visible that would have remained hidden with single-color, flat illumination.

This is precisely the task of the newly developed Büchner IRIDA-180 ring illuminator, which can cover numerous inspection tasks with its broad performance spectrum.

The diverse lighting possibilities result from the sophisticated and elaborate design of the luminaire. Hidden under the inwardly curved diffuser are two separate LED light rings, one for the visible light colors RGB and a second for UV and infrared light. With the different wavelengths it is possible to put many more things “in the right light”. For example, the display of smallest structures is better with short-wave light, while long-wave light can help to avoid disturbing patterns. By arranging them in two closely spaced rings, it was possible to increase the number of LEDs, which provides much more homogeneous illumination.

The two illuminated rings are additionally divided into four circle segments that can be activated separately. Depending on which circle segment is activated, the light shines on the object from a different direction and a different illumination result is obtained in each case. This generates additional image information that offers new evaluation options. If the four light segments are switched on in quick succession, the lighting situations are recorded and added together, it is even possible to create a three-dimensional height profile.

But why this effort? Well, there are three good reasons for that:
On the one hand, the IRIDA-180 is a “universal talent” for a wide range of inspection tasks. A luminaire that is ideal for recreating a wide variety of lighting situations in a test lab. Here, for example, you can easily test whether you can create contrasts in special cases with UV or infrared light and thus achieve better evaluation results. – And most importantly, without having to use an additional luminaire with a different wavelength.

On the other hand, an IRIDA-180 installed in the machine of a production environment can save a lot of retooling.

Last but not least, the effort is also due to the Büchner-typical quality philosophy: The IRIDA-180, like every other Büchner product, is consistently well thought-out, perfected and, last but not least, trimmed for long durability.

Currently, the ring light IRIDA-180 is available together with the manual switch box as a test lab set at a promotional price (see promotion).

IRIDA-180 Test Lab Set – now at a special price!
Buechner Summer Test Action

When ordering up to and including 09/31/22, you will receive the IRIDA-180 ring light in a bundle with the manual switch box as a price-reduced set for your test lab. The switch box allows you to activate and deactivate each of the 5 light colors and each of the 4 sectors independently via toggle switches.

During the promotional period we give 35% discount on the set.
Save now 857,85 €.

(Camera and aluminum profile are not included)

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