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Invitation to the VISION trade fair, Stuttgart 04. – 06.10.2022

Finally, the time has come again: The world’s leading trade fair for machine vision opens its doors at the Messezentrum Stuttgart. Get an overview and convince yourself of the unique quality of our LED lighting systems at the BÜCHNER booth in hall 10 booth B64. The BÜCHNER exhibition team is looking forward to present you their products live. We are also happy to discuss and plan your specific projects and tasks.

The show will also be an opportunity to see the new generation MINI-DOME-100-NG dome lighting and save 40% on orders placed by 10/31/22.

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We are looking forward to your visit!

The new dome lighting MINI-DOME-100-NG now at an introductory price!
Even more flexible, even brighter, even more robust

The claim of Büchner Lichtsysteme is always to build lighting systems that set standards due to their equipment, quality and lighting possibilities. For this reason, the new, further developed generation of MINI-DOME-100 dome lighting – the MINI-DOME-100-NG – offers you performance, flexibility and robustness that is almost unbeatable in its class.

We are particularly pleased that we have succeeded in further improving decisive parameters in the new MINI-DOME-100-NG. The NG (Next Generation) offers you in the future:

  1. Even more lighting and evaluation options thanks to extended variability
  2. An increased light output.
  3. A further improved robustness.

At the same time, the MINI-DOME-100-NG primarily does what is expected from good dome lighting: it produces shadow-free light from all directions. But with a wide range of equipment options, it now offers even more lighting options.

If, for example, you want to achieve additional 2- or 3D information through targeted shadow casting, the control in 1/4- or 1/8-circle segments is an excellent solution. A 40.5mm internal thread above the lens opening allows filter elements or a semi-transparent mirror to be held or screwed into the viewport, further increasing variability and providing perfect mounting options without additional effort. In industrial image processing, “the brighter the better” often applies. It was therefore our concern to get the maximum light output out of the small MINI-DOME-100-NG. By using the latest LED generation and an improved thermal design, we have succeeded in increasing the brightness many times over compared to the MINI-DOME-100 without negatively affecting the service life.

A small weakness of all dome illuminators is that the light spot in the area of the lens opening is not optimally homogeneous. Therefore, it is advantageous here if this is as small as possible and only as large as really necessary. For this reason, the size of the objective aperture of the MINI-DOME-100-NG can be freely selected between 12 and 38 mm and can thus be optimally adapted to the objective used and the specifications of working distance / field of view.

Another way to improve homogeneity in the center of the light field can be achieved by using a semi-transparent mirror in the viewport.

In industrial use, luminaires simply have to withstand something; minimized susceptibility to faults and durability are the top priorities here. For the MINI-DOME-100-NG we exclusively use particularly robust and durable M12 connectors. Optionally available as an accessory is an anti-reflective glass cover for the emitting housing aperture to protect for dusty environmental conditions. Like all Büchner luminaires, the MINI-DOME-100-NG is consistently trimmed for maximum service life.

The MINI-DOME-100-NG illumination is available in the light colors red, white, infrared 850nm, blue and RGB. It can be dimmed, switched or flashed. Since it is our concern to always offer you the optimal luminaire for your lighting tasks, we will be happy to assist you in choosing your equipment and light color. However, you can also test the MINI-DOME-100-NG in advance as a rental unit in your application.

In our autumn and trade fair promotion you will receive the MINI-DOME-100-NG at an introductory price reduced by 40 % (see also promotion).

The new dome lighting MINI-DOME-100-NG now at an introductory price!
BÜCHNER autumn and fair action

When ordering up to and including 10/31/22, you will receive the new improved dome lighting MINI-DOME-100-NG at a reduced introductory price. The price is valid for the light colors red, green, blue, white and IR 850nm, in the version with 8 separately switchable segments with 24V supply voltage. The size of the objective aperture can be freely selected between 12mm and 38mm.

During the promotional period, we offer a 40% introductory discount on the list price of 975 EUR for the MINI-DOME-100-NG. Save now 390 €.

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Long and short pass interference filters
Let desired things through, block unwanted things

Typical interference filter types in image processing are long-pass, short-pass and band-pass filters.

If you work with a color camera in the visible range of the spectrum, UV and infrared components of the light can have a disturbing effect on the imaging. A long-pass filter with filter edge at approx. 420nm and a short-pass filter at approx. 700nm ensure that these components do not reach the camera chip. Nowadays, this task is often performed by an integrated infrared barrier in the camera and the filtering effect of the lens in the UV range.

The situation is different if their application intentionally works in the infrared range and they want to become independent of the surrounding daylight. In this case, they can use a long-pass filter with a filter cutoff slightly shorter than their working wavelength to block out the unwanted light.

The same applies to applications in the UV range with disturbing daylight. This is where a short pass filter comes in handy. If their working wavelength is in the middle of the visible light spectrum, a bandpass filter is needed. This filters out all wavelengths above and below the working band. UV fluorescence applications have a special position. For this application, a long-pass or band-pass filter is essential for the application to work, otherwise the primary light of the illumination will not outshine the desired secondary light.

Of course, Büchner Lichtsysteme will advise you intensively on the choice of a customized lighting and filter solution.

Büchner Light Systems GmbH
Light systems for industrial image processing

For over 20 years, we have been successfully developing professional LED lighting systems for industrial image processing. In addition to a convincing price-performance ratio, flexibility and reliability, we naturally also focus on innovations. Particularly in the field of lighting technology, development continues apace. Everything is in motion and becoming more and more sophisticated. If you want to keep up, you have to know the requirements of the times just as well as the needs of your customers. Because challenges are our greatest passion, we are not afraid to take them on and turn them into the next advancement in the world of lighting systems.

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