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Area lighting

Illuminations that are designed to be two-dimensional. They are available as backlight or transmitted light illumination as well as incident light illumination (with and without camera view), diffuse or direct beam. Example of incident light area lighting with camera view(TOP-LIGHT-8-CO). Büchner Lichtsysteme offers a wide range of surface lighting systems.
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Diffuse backlighting

Similar to diffuse incident light, diffuse background lighting is achieved by using large-area light panels or surface lighting. The light source is covered with semi-transparent plastic or glass panels. In conjunction with stabilized DC lighting, these are suitable for surveying tasks. Example of diffuse backlighting (source: Vision Doctor) Büchner offers a large selection of backlights […]
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Direct incident light

Direct incident light can be any form of lighting in which LEDsshine directly onto the object. Ring lighting is often chosen for this purpose. Line lighting, bar lighting or surface lighting are also possible. Disturbing reflections can occur on reflective object surfaces. A distinction is made between bright field illumination and dark field illumination. Büchner […]
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