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Bar lighting

Incident light illumination, consisting of one or a few rows of LEDs. Creates a light strip on the test object. Can be irradiated at different angles to increase or decrease reflections. If the beam illumination is aligned at a small (flat) angle to the test object, this is referred to as dark field illumination. Other […]
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Direct incident light

Direct incident light can be any form of lighting in which LEDsshine directly onto the object. Ring lighting is often chosen for this purpose. Line lighting, bar lighting or surface lighting are also possible. Disturbing reflections can occur on reflective object surfaces. A distinction is made between bright field illumination and dark field illumination. Büchner […]
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Line lighting

A line illumination (or bar illumination) describes a light source that produces a line-shaped light structure. Examples are light-emitting diode arrayswith a cylindrical lens or a laser with attachment optics. Fig.: Examples of line and bar lighting, naturally by Büchner. . They are used for targeted illumination for line scan camera applications (line illumination) or […]
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