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Diffuse backlighting

Similar to diffuse incident light, diffuse background lighting is achieved by using large-area light panels or surface lighting. The light source is covered with semi-transparent plastic or glass panels. In conjunction with stabilized DC lighting, these are suitable for surveying tasks. Example of diffuse backlighting (source: Vision Doctor) Büchner offers a large selection of backlights […]
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Diffuse incident light

With diffuse incident light, the light does not come from a clearly identifiable direction but is emitted from a large area. This can be achieved by using a diffuser (frosted glass pane) in front of a direct incident light and/or by using large surfaces. Other diffuse incident lights are coaxial lighting, dome lighting and tunnel […]
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Lambert spotlight

A Lambert spotlight is a physically ideal spotlight whose radiance (or luminance) is constant in all directions, i.e. completely diffuse. A Lambertian material appears equally bright regardless of the viewing direction. A black spotlight in particular is a Lambert spotlight. The Lambert radiator is described by Lambert’s law. Typical Lambert emitters are light-emitting diodes(LEDs) without […]
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