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Bright field illumination

With bright field illumination (see also direct incident light), the camera is positioned exactly in the direction of reflection of the light rays and detects smooth surfaces particularly clearly, because the rays are reflected back in their original direction on smooth surfaces. An example of bright field illumination is coaxial illumination, in which the illumination […]
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Diffuse incident light

With diffuse incident light, the light does not come from a clearly identifiable direction but is emitted from a large area. This can be achieved by using a diffuser (frosted glass pane) in front of a direct incident light and/or by using large surfaces. Other diffuse incident lights are coaxial lighting, dome lighting and tunnel […]
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Direct incident light

Direct incident light can be any form of lighting in which LEDsshine directly onto the object. Ring lighting is often chosen for this purpose. Line lighting, bar lighting or surface lighting are also possible. Disturbing reflections can occur on reflective object surfaces. A distinction is made between bright field illumination and dark field illumination. Büchner […]
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