BÜCHNER Newsletter - Dezember 2022

Büchner darkfield lights of the ARCUS series
Highlight the slightly sublime clearly

Depressions, elevations, embossments, scratches or slanted edges are illuminated in a grazing manner by the light falling in from the side. This highlights them with high contrast and makes them easy to detect by an image processing system (BVS). Like all Büchner luminaires, the dark field luminaires of the Arcus series are of course Made in Germany. They offer a wide range of sizes and equipment options. The use of high-quality materials, first-class workmanship and smart detailed solutions also make them synonymous with quality, durability and innovation.

Slanted edges are somewhat more inclined towards the grazing light of the darkfield illumination, so that they are thus more brightly illuminated and more strongly emphasized in the image. Since the direction of inclination can be arbitrary, dark field illuminators are generally round. Thus, the right light is available for every direction of inclination.

Examples for the inspection of slightly raised structures are scratches, dents, dust grains, embossing, needled codes or Braille dots, such as those found on medical packaging.

Büchner’s dark field luminaires achieve this through the ring-shaped arrangement of the LED luminaires, which shine inwards towards each other with a more or less flat illumination angle. This uniform flat illumination thus highlights even the smallest structural elevations or depressions.

However, since the specific challenges facing a darkfield luminaire are as varied as the surfaces and industrial processes, it is no wonder that Büchner is so broad in its approach to the Arcus series:

Let’s start with the installation dimensions: Here it simply has to fit! Good when you can choose between a few different diameters. The designation of the Arcus luminaires – nomen est omen – already reveals the inner diameter: the Arcus 35 has an inner diameter of 35 mm, the Arcus 70 has an inner diameter of 70 mm, and so on. Five inner diameters, from 35 to 190 mm, are available to meet the vast majority of structural requirements.

All luminaires can be dimmed, switched or flashed depending on the version and are available in the standard colors red, green, blue, white and IR.

Some models are designed with 2 LED rings. On request, the two light rings are even available in two different colors. This gives you the additional option, for example, to change the light color for different colored surfaces.

The light rings can additionally be divided into four, the larger diameters even into 8 circle segments, which can be controlled separately. Depending on which circle segment is activated, the light then shines on the object from a different direction. If these individual images are combined, it is even possible to create shading profiles (SfS) from the combined illumination results.

For glossy surfaces, it is recommended to use a diffuser, which provides a more homogeneous illumination and prevents the reflection of individual LED light points.

The extremely robust aluminum housings and the use of industry-standard M5, M8 or M12 round connectors show that ARCUS lighting units are also designed for maximum service life. For particularly challenging production conditions, optional protection according to the IP65 standard is also available.

Donations instead of gifts
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Dear customers and business partners,

The past year was also marked by many shocks and uncertainties. – Crises and their management seem to be becoming the new “normal”.

In these times, the realization matures of what really counts in the end: besides health and peace, it is lasting relationships and partnerships, also in business.

In this sense, we would like to thank you very much for your trust and the good cooperation. We will continue to deliver on our quality promises in the coming year and look forward to continued cooperative and amicable collaboration.

Due to the current emergency situation of many people, we have decided to do without presents this year as well. On behalf of the foundation “Kartei der Not” (
) and continue to support it with a donation.

Finally, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the festive season with your loved ones and start the new year well.

With best regards from the Büchner Lichtsysteme team

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For over 20 years, we have been successfully developing professional LED lighting systems for industrial image processing. In addition to a convincing price-performance ratio, flexibility and reliability, we naturally also focus on application-specific innovations. Particularly in the field of lighting technology, development continues apace. Everything is in motion and becoming more and more sophisticated. If you want to keep up, you have to know the requirements of the times just as well as the needs of your customers. Because challenges are our greatest passion, we are not afraid to take them on and turn them into the next advancement in the world of lighting systems.

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