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0 Design points for suitable lighting

The following points/questions must be considered if good and solution-oriented lighting is to be designed for a vision system: – Monochrome / color (wavelength) – Diffuse or direct / directional lighting – Angle of incidence – Unpolarized or polarized (linear, circular) – Speed of the application – Size of the illuminated area – Light quantity […]
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Image analysis

Image analysis refers to software and algorithms and is therefore part of image processing systems. Image analysis refers to a set of functions used to analyze, i.e. find, segment, characterize and classify the information contained in the images. The boundary to image processing is blurred.
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Image processing

Complex term that covers a wide range of applications. There are five typical fields of image processing, whereby the boundaries between the fields are fluid: – Generation of images for desktop publishing, electronic media and video games, – Image transmission and thus image compression for transporting images via satellite and cable, – Image processing for […]
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